Suit Up

Suit up people, this is the last stretch, we can do it!

With almost nothing left to wear in our closets, and even less of a desire to actually get dressed, we hold our heads high and fight back with all that we’ve got. Let’s get creative. Wear that skirt you love but cannot find a matching top to, those shoes that are just a bit too fancy, or that necklace you spent all that money on but never actually wore… today is your day.

Let’s get back to business. It was hard not to notice all of the suits on the runway this past month. Whoever you are, you can find one that suits* your taste (*see what I did there…). Suits are back! In every shape color and style.

The ‘classic me’ look


The ‘I’m too pretty for my own good’ look


The ‘I’m pretending to be casual, but please look at me’ look


The ‘When you weren’t looking, I wasn’t eating’ look. (JK///&^%#$)


The ‘I’m super stylish’ look



See you on the other side.


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