Cut it Out

The ‘Cut Out’ effect. This is part of the ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ trend. Designers are playing with our minds. Is what we see really in front of us, or is our imagination filling in the blanks? There are many ways to show this effect; layering sheer fabrics, using prints in unconventional ways; but the one I love most is the ‘cut out’ technique.

Ask yourself, What defines a shape? What gives it its form? 
Do you see the positive or negative?

Traditionally, you would need to spend hours cutting fabric by hand to get the shape you desire. Today, designers use a special laser that can cut fabric into even the most intricate details in just a couple of seconds.

Oh, to be living in the modern world…

Take a look at the Artist Mikito Ozeki hard at work:

Here’s to Fashion:



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