It’s been too long…

The ‘street sweeping skirts’ are continuing with us into the summer 🙂

My advice: pair up your maxi dazzle with a chilled-out top like a T-shirt. It will balance out your look without losing the ‘wow affect’.

lela rose pre fall 2013Lela Rose

acne (london)7


Louis Vuitton 2

Louis Vuitton

Christopher Kane pre-fall 2013

Christopher Kane *My favorite look!

Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten *check out that peplum!

Louis Vuitton3

Louis Vuitton *notice the awkward sleeve length///

Michael Kors Pre fall 2013

Michael Kors

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren *90’s vibe choker…

Skaist Taylor

Skaist Taylor

Alexander McQueen

The one and only, Alexander McQueen.


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