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Graphically Challenged

The 90’s + space + The 60’s + boring shapes = the latest trend.

With the continuing development of technology, printed fabrics have become just as important in the fashion world as the shape of the garment itself. The options are basically unlimited (imagine watching a movie on your dress! I’ll give it 3 years….). Lately we’ve been seeing some very complicated prints, like a cat eating a marshmellow while riding a bike. So when I saw these simple graphic prints I felt a bit relieved, and it was refreshing to see these nostalgic bold shapes. Who doesn’t like a bit of nostalgia every now and then?!

The thing about graphic prints is that you can use them to your advantage. By placing them in specific areas of the body they can create optical illusions, and guide the ‘eye’ to go where YOU want it to go… So all in all, I’m a fan, and I welcome these prints with open arms.

Check out some of Carl Kleiner new work: “Golden ratio & Friends”

carl kleiner_Golden-pyramid carl kleiner_Golden-rectangle carl kleiner_Golden-triangle-1 carl kleiner_Golden-triangle-2 carl kleiner_Icosahedron-1 carl kleiner_Icosahedron-2 To the prints 🙂 Stella McCartney pre-fall 2013 Stella McCartney BALENCIAGA pre-fall 2013 BALENCIAGA Alexandra Herchcovitch (NY)2 Alexandra Herchcovitch. Can this be any more 90’s + 60’s??? Monique Lhuillier pre fall 2013 Monique Lhuillier Burberry Prorsum PRE-FALL 2013 Burberry Prorsum VLP Pre-Fall 2013 VLP FEN_0081.1366x2048 FENDI. check out her eye makeup!fendi1 Another FENDI. Obviously my favorite look. Perfect glasses, furry elbow-warmers and slits on the sleeves. Oh, and just in case you felt like you were missing something, they threw in a cube shaped clutch. Thank you 🙂 Proenza Schouler pre fall 2013 Proenza Schouler Saint Laurent Saint Laurent Talbot Runhof Talbot Runhof Vivienne TamVivienne Tam. Another favorite. The colors blend perfectly together, the graphic shapes continue in the pattern of the jacket- very clever, and that ‘awkward silence’ between the end of the skirt and beginning of the sandals… Lovely.

Enjoy 🙂